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VTC Pay - E-walletVTC Pay - E-wallet is an extremely useful and convenient financial application. Moreover, VTC Pay can be regarded as a perfect match of VTC365 Bill Payment Service which came out earlier. Due to this match, all the payment utilities on mobile phone are synchronized, providing a completely new experience for users. With just a few simple steps on VTC Pay - E-wallet - Payment Gateway, you can perform all actions related to the management of VTC Pay e-Wallet account in anywhere and anytime such as transfer, withdrawals and payment. It can be said that VTC Pay brings so many utilities:▪ Recharge VTC Pay e-Wallet quickly in three ways: online recharge via 31 domestic banks and 03 international card organizations (MasterCard, Visa, JCB), recharge through syntax or transaction station. ▪ Transfer and Withdraw money easilly: users can transfer funds from your e-wallet to other e-wallet accounts, or withdraw money from your bank account quickly and conveniently.▪ Integration of payment: VTC Pay application has a direct link with VTC365 Bill Payment Service application, so users can use VTC Pay e-Wallet to purchase and pay for any services. ▪ QR Code payment: VTC Pay QR Code let you make a bill payment in seconds, simply by scanning the QR code through your mobile or tablet device.▪ Facilities: The facilities include SMS Plus (help users follow the movement of the account easily), security service, card wallet (integration of bank cards and Pay VTC e-Wallet).▪ OTP Mobile: is a security utility that VTC Pay application provides customers. Its feature is like a token of the bank account. With VTC Pay application, users actually step into the world of electronic payment where people trust to purchase and make payments for services, such as online shopping, telephone, television, and internet charge. This is an outstanding product researched and developed by VTC Technology and Digital Content Company (VTC Intecom).• Website:• Hotline: 19001530• Support 24/07:• Fanpage: